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How to select entertainment equipments

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If want to invest in a playground, you should pay attention to three matters:
 1. Funds;
 2. Location;
 3. Security ,not one less.
Financial investment: Financial investment on capital projects playground has two, respectively, for initial and later funds.
1. Initial funds include:
A: Rent fee & simple decoration costs;
B: Purchasing playground equipment cost;
C: Advertising investment, processing tickets cost & VIP card cost and others
D: Business licenses and related operating procedures handling expenses
2. later funds include
A: Usual hygienic cleaning costs, if small, can clean by ownselves or ask cleaner to clean regularly.
B: Equipment maintenance costs, normally supplier will provide free maintenance fee for a specified period, so we should pay a notice to purchase and service contracts the when ordering, or we have none idea if manufacturers deny what they said before.  
C: Later Incremental costs of new equipment, we have to update new devices as business improved, or passenger will losing as there is no freshness.
D: Electricity, fire fighting, equipment maintenance and etc ,also could install cameras at the venue if fund is enough . cuz it is helps easily administered and against theft effectively
Location,location is the most important when do some business,and then integrated human traffic people's & people's spending power and so on. For children & adolescents,apart from some large amusement parks & large playground equipments, normally mainly play with Midi and Mini playground equipment like some inner playground ,carousel,water park amusement and so on. Children's playground suitably setting in cell , shopping centers, malls and population centers.
1. Sitting considerations:
A: human traffic
B: Land Value
C: Goverment Policy
D: Surroundings
E: Citizen's Needs
F: Intratype competition
G: The last one but most important is your funds
2. Consider local human traffic and consumption levels ,positioned as a theme park, children's playground or public recreational sites.
Regards Security,security issues have to be taken seriously into account and should not cut corners even though lack of fund. Or once casualty accident happen,it will makes operator going bankrupt as its penalties and compensation.
1. Must use the qualified playground equipment, and do the maintenance and periodic inspection.
A: Amusement must comply with safety standards of 《Safety of Amusement Machines and Amusement Park Equipments》& safety supervision on special equipment which ruled by Quality and Technology Supervision Departments & Accredited by the national or provincial supervision for acceptance testing and periodic inspection. It is forbidden to use machine which under maintain or failed to pass the examination or exceed life span or have not been registered by Department of Quality and Technical Supervision.
B: Operations, administration, maintenance personnel should undergo a rigorous training and examination and get the credentials issed by supervisory departments for product quality
C: Should be registed by local city leavel technical supervision departments Before put into use.
2. Prepare contingency plans, e.g.:unexpected power failure operation and unexpected system failures and other Unforeseeable accident factors.