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How to run the indoor playground business?

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By Betty Zheng from Huadong Entertainment Equipment Co. Indoor playground, or called naughty castle, the material is : LLDPE, PVC plastic, galvanized pipe frame, and soft play and so on. Indoor playground is designed according the kids’ characteristic, Through science combined to form a set of amusement, sports, educational, health and other functions into a new generation of children's activity center. You can say it is a new, highly comprehensive children's playground, is aimed at children like drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shake, swing, jump, shake Preparation and attention before Run an indoor playground Support of the funding : 1. Budget the 2. Expect the passenger flow 3. Cost Payback period and profit; Capital investment analysis : indoor playground cost, installation cost, transportation cost(the details can be negotiation with the factory) choose the suitable ground Business environment survey notes: 1. Survey the around perimeter shop, children toys shop, children photography, children’ swimming pool , Early Childhood Development Academy, kindergarden and other relative industry; 2. Evaluate the around environment people; 3. A brief analysis to the potential customer 4.analysis the operations of the other competitors and their advantages The suggest for location: 1.commercial activity active area 2.high density population 3.the city center which customer flow is large 4.the place which have many similar shop for kids 5. Place which people like to gather or have party Success case always attach the shopping mall, supper market, shopping center, city square, walking street and so on. You can choose the place near MCD OR KFC Choose good supplier: the safe is most important and need to consider first, if there is safety questions, the profit will me drop sharply. So you need to choose one supplier which have relative safety certificates, can be guarantee the product quality. Operate model and note 1. The cost and Maintenance cost 2. Ground rental cost, Water and electricity charges, management cost 3. Staff salary, promotion, marketing cost The cooperation with shopping mall: joint cooperation is a good cooperate way for initial stage of pioneering, which can reduce the risk, and is benefit for long-term business. Take the sea coast for example , profit deduction cannot exceed 3:7, if cooperate with the mall like this way, do not need to pay the ground cost, but need to pay water and electric , salary, and some other charges. about the cashier, you need a perfect way, and can negotiate with mall; rental and deduction , the mall is in charge of cashier, then take their profit, and payback the rest. supporting facility when you design the indoor playground, need to keep some place which can lay whack-a-mole, digital machine, 3 seats merry-go-round and so on. When decorate, you can consider the washroom, locker, and drink area. In one word, you need to try to think it in the customer’s way. Also need to avoid the same industry competition, except that you can win others in the scale. Initial promotion Employ 10 people, one group to distribute flyers around shopping mall which your indoor playground in; another one to hand out in the residential, invite the kindergarten or primary students to experience. Also can send messages to your aimed customer. Cooperate with the by side super market or other shops, if the customer buy ** products, can give their some voucher, or their kids can play ** times in your indoor playground for free Come and win, prepare some little toys, then organized some small activities, award the winners, then build good relationship with the kids and their parents The follow-up promotion When the kids buy the tickets in original price, offer them a logo of your indoor playground, then gathered 5 logos, can change an invitation , 10logos can change one bags, 15logos can change a stuffed toy( you can rule by yourself) Seven consume models : buy ticket, the tickets price is made according the economic environment; to be members, cheaper; consume cash with vouchers; buy 10times card; buy time card, or buy one months card, half-year card, you can choose the best way according the environment Sign rent contract notes, When you sign the contract need to attention the decorate period, free rent period, the real square, public area to be share, property, water and electric, air-conditioner, rent, contact period, rent raise rage, deposit, entry fee, outside advertisement, indoor advertisement, celebration, promotion, whether can rent separately, whether can be transfer or change the business , if the open time delay, how to compensate? Notes during operating before open: 1. Self-inspect, adjust the appearance , preare; 2. The manager hold the morning meeting, arrange today’s work; 3 check all the equipment, 4.clear up , prepare all the tickets and document, cards, cash; During operation: 1. Keep a love, childhood heart; 2. Keep smile, 3. Guard the little kids and parents reasonable, keep good rule;4. Keep the playground clear; 5. Cashier should be carefully and make the cash safe, record operate dairy; 6. Treat the consulting and requirements appropriately; 7. Record the advice and feedback to the leader; 8. If there is some emergency, need to deal with appropriately Closed : 1. Cashier should summary the accounts, clear the cash and bills, and handover to the manager, the manager record it and signs; 2. Cashier hand over the daily record to the manager, the manager summary and hand over to leader;3.at the same time, other staffs clear the ground;4. Finish all the work together, cut off the power, make sure that there is no safety problem then leave; Shop manager duty: 1. Plan operate aim and ensure goal achievement through effective management ;2. Implement the shop rules and regulations and the established management mode3. Manage staff, Coordinate and deal with the problems and contradictions;4.manage the shop, Ensure the shop running 5. Learn professional knowledge, training and improve the work;6. Employ and test,7. Make promotion case and submit to the manager; 8.organized member activity and weekend promotion, contact with the part time worker; 9.summary the daily record, build cash account, supervise the cash and finance; 10 protect the equipment, arrange clear and maintained work; 11.build members information data and system, public members information and advertise online; 12.buy Cleaning products, diapers and some others arrange work feeding Cashier’s duty 1. Answer the consult polite and patience ; 2. Check out quickly, record the customer’s information, record the daily work; 3.confirm the cash with shop manager everyday, manage the finance account; 4. Safety the cash, save the money in bank 5. Summary the members information; 6. Statistic and summary the months work and submit; 7. Manage the daily materials in service counter; 8. Do the work which Manager and shop manager arranged Playground Guide duty 1. Love the children career, sunny and positive, diligent; 2. Answer the consult polite and patience, 3. When the cashier is busy, help her to treat other customer; 3.help the cashier to check in; 5. Check in, help kids test hight, take photos; 6.guide the parents and kids to the indoor playground, change shoes, execute the demand of playground; 7. Avoid the children leave individual 8. Avoid customer mistake the shoes 9. Other things Field guide duty 1. Guide and manage in the ground, find abnormal in time; 2. Love and care the kids in the playground, remind or stop the parents and kids’ wrong behavior 3. Protect the equipment, find and stop the behavior which may destroy the equipment 4. Keep the ground clean, clean the dirty 5. Decorate the ground, 6. Avoid the children fighting, jumping and some other dangerous behavior 7. Avoid the children climbing out or who do not buy tickets and want to climbing in 8. Some other things Field guard (male, know something about the electric, can be part time) 1. Need to know the maintenance knowledge much 2. Turn on and cut off power and equipment everyday 3. Check the equipment, maintenance and investigate potential safety problems unscheduled 4. Inject Lubricating oil.change some Expendable spare parts 5. Manage the tools, air pump,radio and video system 6. Check the screws every week, when the equipment have some problems, settle it down 7. Modify the fan according seasons, and check the air pump 8. Attend the activity, tech other stuffs how to use and maintenance the equipment 9. Some other things the leader arrange