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    1987  The company was established in January, is the leader of China Teaching tool and Education toy industry. It was after Huadong Toy Corporation, more and more companies are created in our city and all over China.

    1990  The company made fibre glass electric products and kindergarten fibre glass rocking horses, to meet the urgent need of market. Many customers contact us to place orders.At that time, Mr. Wu Jianjing is not only the boss, but also the electric welder.

    1995  The company got the government’s agreement, covers an area of 2.99 mu for new workshop and office building.

    1996  After fibre glass mini-toy, the boss successfully made out rotating plastic large machine, to develop large plastic products. This shocked the market again and lead another step to our success.

    1998  The company’s new factory started running, and the large plastic toy was successful promotion to the market, received the recognition from many big kindergartens all over the country in only 6 months,not only for competitive price, but also for good quality.

    2003  The company began to develop fitness production line. New fitness equipment meet the need of China, at the same time, Huadong got the export license and expand international market.

    2005  Mr. Qi that Taiwan Yisheng company’s boss personally came to our company to develop large outdoor playground rotation molds together, for Taiwan’s marker and international market. In the same year, our company cooperated new products of indoor playground for new market with Japan client. The year is a critical progress of Huadong’s developing.

    2009  The company cooperatively invested series of fitness machines for the disabled with Israel client. And in this year, the company exported more than 3 million USD, and got the fourth in this industry in annual output.

    2011  The company began to develop hardware, building two new factories for production workshops. Conducted destructive test,together with quality supervision bureau and China toy association, Huadong take part in national GB standard construction for China Amusement Park Equipment Industry, got a huge contribution to our nation.

    2014  One new factory began to run, and another new factory was under construction that will be completed in 2015, and will operate in 2016.We will continue our slogan:Huadong will help, children happy, teachers easy.

    2015  The company’s goal is to break through our history, and create a new brilliant year,to ensure Huadong Brand is the most trustable and comfortable, we are most powerful and great-hearted team. Huadong will come to our 30th anniversary of the establishment, and that’s only part of our brilliant brand of hundred years.